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Contact: Roy Belson
Phone: 818.620.2020
Email: roybelson@gmail.com

Roy Belson

Roy Belson is a veteran in the commercial real estate and development world. He has over 35 combined years in Real Estate and Real Estate-related services. His commercial real estate background and acquisition/disposition experience places him in a unique position to have a perspective of innovation and the  repurpose of buildings for future uses.


Prior to real estate Roy Belson owned a  Custom Treatment Inc. a large interior contracting firm, contracting and subcontracting field for almost 20 years, servicing the largest commercial architect and design firms in California. He has worked with some of the most prestigious names in their respective industries, such as:

  • Transamerica Corporation
  • Prudential Securities
  • Walt Disney Engineering
  • Warner Bros. Entertainment
  • MGM Hotel- Las Vegas
  • Kaufman and Broad
  • United Artists
  • State of California
  • Edward Air Force Base
  • UCLA Campus and Medical Centers
  • University of Southern California campus
  • Blue Cross of California



Roy and The Belson Group offer a solid understanding of commercial acquisitions from land through the entitlement process and property development. The Belson group has a great understanding of the value of a project from the ground up.


Roy’s value-add proposition to his clients is through his environmental services including available state and federal credits and cost segregation which adds to the return on investment to every project the team is involved in. The team also looks at all aspects of an investment property and makes recommendations on how to maximize the properties R.O.I


Roy runs a dynamic commercial management team that assists  brokers and agents with commercial real estate.


Roy has owned and operated both Commercial and Residential RE/MAX franchises.


His insights are a valuable asset to the team as we strive to see into the future as to what other uses of a property we acquire can be utilized for.

Client Testimonials

“For the better part of the last decade, Roy Belson has served as our only commercial real estate broker. Matching the proper tenant with the proper ownership in the proper space is essential to any long-term and mutually beneficial tenancy. Roy’s experience and knowledge guide us through how to market our projects and target common area improvements to attract the proper tenants. Consequently, Roy has cycled our legacy tenants that pre-date our ownership into long-term and reliable tenants. His direct-to-consumer marketing efforts are the primary source of new tenants. Roy’s unending knowledge of the real estate economy is critical to the success of our projects. We recommend Roy Belson to anyone needing representation in residential and commercial real estate planning, forecasting and transactions.”


Daniel L. Keller
Partner, Keller, Fishback & Jackson LLP

“I am thankful for Roy and Dan’s help with the completion of the sale of my property. Everything went exceedingly well. His professionalism and expertise are truly appreciated.”


Jerry Kehoe
We Store It LLC

“I have had a long and beneficial relationship with Roy Belson and his company. I have purchased many investment properties with Roy Belson and Re/Max representing me. Roy has always seen to all details no matter how small to make sure deals agreed upon terms. If there was a problem, Roy always worked on it and got it resolved. We have done number of transactions and no matter how big or small, Roy and his gifted team have always handled my Real Estate affairs with due diligence and professionalism.”


Rajiv Kaushal
President, Total Paper Packaging Inc.

“Roy Belson helped me navigate my first commercial transaction from the beginning with purchasing a pre-construction warehouse. He and his team assisted through the close of escrow on the completed project. They also leased to a large corporate client. They handled all aspects of the transaction by explaining all available options to me and advising on their recommendations on the best option for me. The entire process was handled professionally. I highly recommend Roy for all your commercial real estate needs.”


Frank Ling
President, Eline Investments LLC

“Roy and Dan were incredibly helpful with the sale of our industrial property. They were able to see that we had a unique property with many positives, and had a great plan on the best way to bring it to market. Their plan was successful almost immediately, with a pre-approved buyer that he brought to the finish line. Roy and Dan blew our minds on what he was able to get done, and in such a short period of time. I’m sure we couldn’t have gotten it done without their help. I would refer them to anyone who was considering the sale of the property, true hard working professionals.”


Brian Stevens
Dynamics Machine Inc.

“I’d like to thank Roy for helping me get situated in our new office location. Roy’s help in negotiating terms and office improvements has helped us create a great working environment. I wholeheartedly recommend his services to anybody who needs it.”


Joe Nealon
Owner, Fish Window Cleaning


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